#1 Easy Healthy Diet — Fresh Diet Review

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Remember to check back for more baby vlogs after mid-September 2014!!

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#1 Easy Healthy Diet — Fresh Diet Review: 10 комментариев

  • 27.08.2014 в 21:58

    I am not normally into quick fix diets, and just eat healthy, but I recently got into veganism and feel that if you get into a diet that's the best one. But one should do whatever works best for THEIR bodies and THEIR lifestyle. 

  • 28.08.2014 в 19:22

    You look great!  I was so excited to check out this program and then saw it is $39.99/day.  Wow, that is quite steep, no?  I was looking at the vegetarian option.  Good luck to you and baby! 🙂

  • 29.08.2014 в 07:40

    Congrats on your upcoming birth!

    You look like you've dropped!

    you haven't got any stretchmarks!!! Eeee I'm so jealous! I used bio oil but sometimes it doesn't work too well. as well as i've hoped..

    Is there a technique you use when applying stretchmark cream/bio oil? Perhaps you could demonstrate what products you use and how you apply them on your next video? =)

    All the best for the birth and hope to see a few more updates!

  • 02.09.2014 в 22:03

    Good luck on the delivery! Felt nostalgic seeing your belly! my baby is 9 months, and it all goes by so fast!

  • 08.09.2014 в 03:13

    Obviously you don't right now but when you're not pregnant do you ever drink alcohol? I always find that even if it fits into my calories, I feel really bloated and shit when I drink but Im in University so it's kind of hard to avoid sometimes! P.S.  I love your videos so much, you're so inspiring!

  • 20.09.2014 в 10:43

    Hey, I'm only 15 and I need to have a flat tunmy within 5 days for the pageant. Is it ok if I'll follow your 5 tips? Is white oatmeal is okay? I always get hungry and sometimes theres no fruits here. Pls reply miss , I need some advice.

  • 23.09.2014 в 00:48

    I would hate to be a woman for the chance of being pregnant, haha. I would freak out thinking there is a parasite growing inside me or something. Good luck though! And thanks for your videos, they're awesome!


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