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  • 18.08.2017 в 06:08

    Last night I heard a voice that said this is the end
    All my nerves have been worn to the threads, I only honestly have one or two left

    I got my faith, I got my family,
    I got a wire fence around my whole stake
    If I believe only half what I read
    I got a reason to be dug in deep

    It’s revelation saying
    Don’t come running to me
    When they’re coming for you

    I seen those boys kissing boys
    with their mouth in the street
    But I raised my son to be a righteous man,
    I made it clear to him what fear of god means

    I’d hold him down on the Tompkins Lake
    Before I ever let him go to the wolves
    The path we walk is only narrow and straight
    No son of mine will wander astray

    Don’t come running to me
    when they’re coming for you
    (Don’t come running to me when they’re coming for you) (x2)

    Last night I heard a voice that said “don’t give up your gun”
    They keep washing right up on those shores
    Man they’re gathering their numbers up
    Those bleeding hearts come marching down my road
    Well I’ll be waiting right here at my door
    It’s a lie to say it wouldn’t be fun
    If you’re joining them then I got one
    We don’t need money (?)

    Don’t come running to me
    when they’re coming for you
    (Don’t come running to me when they’re coming for you) (x2)

    Don’t come running to me
    when they come gunning for you
    (Don’t come running to me when they come gunning for you)

    Don’t come running to me
    when they’re coming for you
    (Don’t come running to me when they’re coming for you)

    God is love

  • 19.08.2017 в 11:42

    When Jesse hits you with the "god is love" at the end calling out the hypocrisy of it all. I love this so much.

  • 20.08.2017 в 05:34

    you can rly tell this is a song critiquing the dumb shit christian mentality when he sings all that hateful shit then "god is love" at the end. cuz that's exactly what they do. they go around preaching their kumbaya god loves all his children bullshit then look down on gay ppl. hypocrisy at its finest

  • 20.08.2017 в 15:02

    Am I the only one who wants to know if girl in album cover broke her leg or something

  • 21.08.2017 в 00:50

    This is some serious Tindersticks-esque dark corner, I like how much they've grown. The rug-pull at the end is perfect, I thought this was going to descend into a murder ballad

  • 22.08.2017 в 21:50

    If you love someone, you won't want them to be part of a subculture that makes up 83% of HIV cases and cuts their life expectancy by 20 years.

  • 24.08.2017 в 16:30

    Remind me (musically) of some other song… Can anyone help?

  • 26.08.2017 в 21:50

    So it's obvious that the voice-over that comes just before this song starts is a reference to the beginning of the song Daisy, but has anyone else noticed that this song and Daisy are both track 9 on their respective albums ("number 99"), and that they both have single word titles that begin with the letter D? I might be being a little pedantic over the connection, but it seems that both this song and Daisy are akin to each other in concept — almost like a part 1 and a part 2 — despite having titles that contradict each other; a daisy is a flower symbolising childhood and innocence — plants in general also symbolise life — and a desert is a barren wasteland symbolising the absence of life. Both songs also seem to reference the pressures that come with trying to exist at the behest of a strict religious philosophy, maybe Jesse is likening growing up in a vitriolic religious environment to a daisy trying to survive in a desert.

    Like I said, the interpretation is a stretch, but what does everybody else think of the connection between the two songs?

  • 27.08.2017 в 00:49

    Yeah, it's satire. But the chorus seems to convey a nasty truth no one can really deny: somebody is always against you.

    Our culture is extremely divisive; so much that our statements on subjects such as sexual identity seem to have deep emotional charge. The result is part of the crowd leaving the room defiantly because they oppose your belief.

    I think this song is a representation of how viscous we've become towards one another.

    I understand it's mostly commentary on the downside of Christianity, but I believe it's more expansive than that. Jesse sometimes plays out these characters that have one-track minds to convey a deeper meaning than what's being said.

    I just want to know what you guys think the song title "desert" means in context to the song. It's amazing and definitely one of my favorites of the album as of right now.

  • 27.08.2017 в 21:16

    I see a lot of talk about comparing this song to Daisy, and I wanted to add my own thoughts.
    First of all, I'm not saying I think this was in any way intentional or planned, it's just something I noticed.
    To me, Daisy and Desert sound like they should have each other's title. The lyrics to Daisy make me think of a desert, with the river drying up and the need for a heavy rain to come and start it all over. All of the words evoke a feeling of drought and thirst.
    The lyrics of Desert remind me of a daisy. In literature, the color white symbolizes purity, and the color yellow often symbolizes corruption. That's the feeling this song gives me: Christianity, or religion in general, is supposed to be pure ("God is love"), but is often corrupted and twisted into something else.
    Sonically, I do feel like their respective titles fit the songs, but lyrically I feel they are reversed. Just my opinion.

  • 01.09.2017 в 23:03

    God is love. Maybe it's the hypocrites that aren't standing with God? Just because a person claims to be a good Christian man, does not mean he is. Judge him on his actions. However, casting your aspersions on all Christians is rather… "Christian" of you.

    God is love, hypocrites suck, and I like this song. Peace.

  • 02.09.2017 в 05:31

    Best song of the album imo. Overall best album followed by devil and god

  • 02.09.2017 в 17:36

    I think the beat is very romantic, when i hear it i feel like it's sexy time

  • 30.09.2017 в 07:59

    Tbh I didnt know this band existed until this cd popped up on my recommendations, but I been getting really into them lately. Kinda reminds me of a perfect cirlce with the emotional sounding music. Maybe a softer Taking Back Sunday as well lol.

  • 26.10.2017 в 06:53

    It's so weird how this whole album is yelling for me. I just hit the rocks with my girl. I just bought a Mercedes, I just started wondering why I ever thought love was such a big deal in the first place. If I can't do it, no one can!

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