«Cooking by the Book» A Lil’ Bigger Mix by Mastgrr

EDIT 4: 11/3/09 — Last week, LazyTown Entertainment filed a second takedown notice in order to take us down. They seem to forget that I won last time. After a short talk with YouTube they decided to restore everything. Check out http://youtomb.mit.edu to learn more about this takedown and others.

EDIT 3: 1/13/09 — It’s been a long month but the counter-claim has gone through without a hitch. WE’RE BACK!


EDIT: HOLY CRAP Thanks! Remember to digg! http://digg.com/odd_stuff/This_is_SOOOOO_WRONG

Download the song here:

«Cooking by the Book» A Lil’ Bigger Mix
Lazy Town feat. Lil Jon
2fort2furious Greatest Bonks
Mixed by Mastgrr
Directed by HatPerson

Check out the TF2 server at 2fort2furious.com and listen to this and other music filled with questionable content while you play.

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