Cooking with Intel — A Demonstration on CPU Heat

NEW VIDEO: Cooking with Intel 5 — The nearly Indestructible Celeron D Prescott

In this video, you’ll learn how fast a CPU can get hot, how hot it can get, and how quick it’ll die out without a heatsink, as I fry me a little snack on it. The CPU is an Intel Celeron 1.8GHz Willamette CPU. NO, it is NOT an AMD processor. If you think this is an AMD, you clearly haven’t been studying computers for very long. Intel processors have only been LGA since around 2005 with the release of the LGA 775 platform. this is a Socket 478 Intel, which looks similar to modern day AMDs, but smaller in size. For those who want to comment about paste being on the CPU, the heatspreader was cleaned with Dawn before I did this experiment. The motherboard in this video was pulled from a dead eMachines computer. The board’s chipset was fried by the Bestec ATX-250-12e power supply, but the CPU VRM still worked!

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