Desert Plants & Cactus: 4 комментария

  • 16.01.2010 в 08:52

    This is interesting. Here in Australia plants and trees have adapted to live in extremely dry and unpredictable conditions, but have done so in a different way.
    We don't have cactus here though unfortunately…
    I've been to the south/western U.S.A. and fell in love with the place.
    I miss your mountains and strange desert plants.
    You people are very lucky!

  • 04.02.2015 в 17:28

    You can find native and non-native cactus videos on my channel.  Please feel free to stop over or hop over, drop in or drop by, ring us up or reel us in, make a pit stop, have a go, plan a visit, see the sights or just enjoy the life in the Tonopah Desert, of Arizona!


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