Green revolution in deserts of Israel

In Israel, large swathes of the arid countryside are now producing huge quantity of high value vegetables, fruits and flowers, most of which are exported to Europe. Following the footsteps, many farmers in Punjab and Gujarat have started using the Israeli technology. NDTV’s Pallava Bagla brings you a first-hand account of how Israel makes the desert bloom.

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  • 05.07.2015 в 12:21

    I'm not a big fan of Israeli politics but their technology and innovations are some things that you can't simply discredit. If applied on a national and transnational scale it can open up a lot of space for the people in The Middle East, Africa and South Asia to eat and live on lands that they used to run away from. The issue of  overpopulation would be reduced considerably. Keep up the good work

  • 05.08.2015 в 11:10

    OMG!!! ZIONIST is so lier. First they claimed Palestine as their promised land. Lol and now they claiming Palestine is desert. Let me tell you Palestine is part of firtile crescent… Jerusalem is the the capital and homeland of Palestine and is fertile I would saluted this invaders israhel if they turned Nageve desert into green.. don't just carry away by just showing u some farm some day they going home Europe… Israhell is illegally country coz the land was occupied from Palestine…

  • 17.10.2015 в 22:43

    Good nation give good contribution to the world. Palestine cant live as independent country. They dont have anything for survive and compete with another country. They should surrender to israel. UN and the countries that support for independent palestine must responsible for helping, feeding the people of palestine forever. Its like pushing unexperienced boy to marry a girl. Who will feed them? The person who push and support must be responsible.

  • 07.01.2016 в 18:07

    Highly advanced civilization ,doing their best to provide food for the people .I have no complaints .

  • 01.03.2016 в 05:36

    Just like pakistan and bangladesh, never existed before, they were stolen from Hindus….so why single out isreal and palestine. Long live Isreal…love from a Hindu.

  • 10.03.2016 в 21:33

    meanwhile the Sea of Galilee is being sucked dry, these Jews are just arrogant against even nature.

  • 13.03.2016 в 18:05

    this is not impossible for ISRAEL because Israel is for Jesus, and this is the promise of God to ISRAEL the word of God the bible itself says that the ISRAEL is the promise land..

  • 28.04.2016 в 03:34

    In india management is very poor and despite noise highly unlikely we can even clean ganga which is being polluted by untreated sewage. UPA spent billions without any results and BJP is waiting till next elections

  • 26.07.2016 в 21:23

    All commenters should know: What you write here will be shown to you and you will be asked: How did your words serve humanity?

  • 18.08.2016 в 19:06

    Mulching, please look into mulching to improve productivity and overall health of trees and shrubs. Organic material such as leaves, twigs, tree bark, grass clippings, wood chips and yard debris of most kinds are good for the soil and helps protect the roots of the plants. God bless Israel and her people. Peace be with you.

  • 13.09.2016 в 12:56

    The best is to use a mix of ancient and modern greening methods or techniques, check our projects for some inspiration 😉

  • 28.01.2017 в 08:38

    Respect from Morocco , I hope that Morocco and Israel will develop a strong partnership . Salam and Shalom .

  • 13.03.2017 в 17:26

    Enjoy Guys .

    Time is going to change.
    Do you think this will continue for ever,

  • 07.07.2017 в 01:53

    Indian people are already to eat ISRAELITE shit ,and to drink ISRAELITE pee.

  • 25.07.2017 в 08:24

    why Israel wasting energy in desert they can live in USA or come in in other country.

  • 25.07.2017 в 08:29

    why jews have enmity for Muslims.usa & uk one day india can finish you.

  • 19.08.2017 в 17:57

    *Has Israel in the title *
    Incoming keyboard arab warriors

  • 29.08.2017 в 15:18

    We are all descendants from the same ancestor. Just a few thousand years ago there were no man made custom, belief, hatred. Let love for all be taught to everyone instead. They says helping hands are holier than lips that pray.

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