How to Eat Fast Food on a Healthy Diet

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Stay on a healthy diet by making these changes when ordering at a fast food restaurant.

Step 1: Eat a hamburger
Eat smart by ordering a hamburger without cheese, bacon, mayonnaise, or special sauce. Opt for a single patty.

Step 2: Order chicken
Order chicken that is grilled, baked, or broiled instead of breaded and fried. Choose the smallest portion on a whole grain bun if offered.

Step 3: Drink healthy
Drink water, unsweetened iced tea, skin milk, plain coffee, or diet soda. Pass on the regular soft drinks, fruit drinks, and cappuccinos.

Step 4: Eat a healthy sub or sandwich
Enjoy a healthy deli sandwich or sub on a whole grain bread or bun. Ask for half the amount of meat, no cheese, and top it with extra vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, peppers, and olives. Choose mustard over mayonnaise which has few calories and no fat.

Craving dressing? Ask for it to be served on the side.

Step 5: Choose a salad
Choose a salad without cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, croutons, or noodles. Always opt for fat-free or reduced-fat salad dressing.

Step 6: Build your own taco
Build your own taco. Double the amount of vegetables, and opt for half the cheese, and meat.

Removing the cheese completely can save you 100 to 200 calories.

Step 7: Take half home
Pass on the fish sandwich if baked or grilled fish are not an option on the menu. Also pass on the cheese and tartar sauce.

Did You Know?
The average American eats 46 slices of pizza a year.

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