How to Help Prevent Prostate Cancer with a Healthy Diet

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Although there is no sure way to prevent cancer, the right diet may help lower your risk.

Step 1: Maintain a healthy body weight
Maintain a healthy body weight by keeping your calories under control and eating moderate-sized portions. Overindulging on food can increase your risk for cancer.

Step 2: Cut back on fat
Cut back on saturated fats like the animal fat in red meat, and trans-fatty acids found in margarine and fried foods. Cultures that have higher prostate cancer rates tend to have more fat in their diet.

Eat more fresh fish, which has the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

Step 3: Add fruits and vegetables
Make fruits and vegetables a key part of your diet. Vegetables high in folate, like spinach, asparagus, and beans have been linked with preventing many types of cancer. Cruciferous foods like broccoli and cauliflower help in prostate cancer prevention.

Step 4: Consume whole-grain foods
Consume whole-grain foods such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread. Whole grains also provide your body with needed fiber.

Step 5: Lower your intake of sweets and salts
Lower your intake of sweets and salt. Once you get used to using less of these condiments, you won’t miss them.

Step 6: Drink alcohol in moderation
Drink alcohol in moderation. Heavy drinking can increase the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Limit yourself to two drinks a day.

Step 7: Practice moderation
Practice moderation in your diet. Don’t eat or drink any of the recommended foods in excess. Keeping your diet diverse will help you live a healthy life.

Did You Know?
As of 2010, the National Institute of Health reported that African-American men are 60 percent more likely to develop prostate cancer than Caucasian men.

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