Live Supertramp Breakfast in America without composer, singer Roger Hodgson

This is Breakfast in America performed by Supertramp without Roger Hodgson. Roger is the actual writer and composer of this song. Roger wrote this song on his own and later recorded it with Supertramp. The band Supertramp did not write songs. They had two songwriters, Rick and Roger who wrote separately. Basically the songs on the albums that Roger sings are Rogers’s songs and the songs Rick sings are Ricks songs. For example other songs Roger wrote and sings on are The Logical Song, Dreamer, Take the Long Way Home, Hide in Your Shell, Child of Vision, Fool’s Overture and many others. Here is a video of Roger performing «Breakfast in America» at the Royal Albert Hall (and Roger’s coming back to Albert Hall on April 29, 2016.)

When Roger Hodgson left Supertramp Rick agreed that the band would not play Roger’s songs. Roger left with his voice and songs and Rick got the name Supertramp that Rick and his wife trademarked. And the band Supertramp became a vehicle for Rick’s more jazzy blues style of music.

For all Supertramp and Roger Hodgson fans, Roger’s Breakfast in America World Tour is selling out and has great reviews so go the official Roger Hodgson website to get the latest concert information, pictures, news and more at

For ticket links and the latest concert schedule from his Breakfast in America Tour go directly to:

Even though Roger is credited on Rick’s songs he does not perform them in concert. I encourage everyone don’t miss a change to hear Roger live in concert, he sounds even better today. I feel he sings from his heart and soul and he has a way of sharing his music that I find profound and touching.

Another artist who is similar to Roger is John Fogerty of Credence Clearwater Revival. I love to hear John sing his songs and there’s no comparison for me when I hear the band Credence Clearwater Revisited sing John’s songs. The bands Supertamp and Credence Clearwater Revisited just don’t sound like the real deal. And many have commented you prefer hearing Roger sing his own songs and I would like to hear others thoughts on this. Please post you comments on this video.

To find out more about the Supertramp Songwriters go to:

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«Just wanted to say that I went to the Roger Hodgson concert and it may have been the BEST concert I have ever seen. Roger’s voice is even better than it was when he was with Supertramp. My friends and I were blown away by the sheer talent Roger has. I would highly recommend anyone to go see Roger live if they can. Thank You Roger for a wonderful, entertaining night.» ~ Danny

«The name Roger Hodgson may not be familiar to some, but his voice will be. His songs have filled the airwaves for over three decades, with his former band Supertramp. During the evening, Roger had spoken about the healing effect of music and of forgetting your troubles for an hour or two, and that is exactly what happened to the audience. For any difficult times in your life, you should be able to get a show like the one Roger Hodgson gave us — on prescription!» Paul Ray ~ Fireworks Magazine

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