Martha Dahlen: How Chinese Medicine Defines a Healthy Diet

Arriving in Hong Kong, Martha Dahlen found herself surrounded by happy, healthy people living on meat and white rice. Where were the whole grains and vegetables? They worried about «damp heat» from eating fried food and «rising wind» when flu threatened. What about calories and vitamin supplements? Intrigued by the mystery, Martha opened her eyes and her mind and found answers.

Martha lived in Hong Kong for 20 years and is the author of Cook’s Guide to Chinese Vegetables. Here is a brief excerpt of her evening talk at East West detailing the wisdom behind a traditional Chinese diet.

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  • 04.02.2013 в 20:13

    I am Chinese myself and I speak Mandarin and some Cantonese."yong" and "wong" are Cantonese pronunciations. The same characters are pronounced as "yang" and "wang" in Mandarin. The "-ang" sound is pronounced as "ah-ng" not as "air-ng" like in "angle" (the latter is the way a lot of Westerners pronounce it)

  • 21.08.2014 в 06:26

    I am Chinese from a relatively traditional family and I could not entirely agree with what the speaker in this video say. The meat eaters almost always get more chronic diseases than the non-meat eaters, Chinese or not. However the Chinese people who eats meat eats no where as much as the typical Westerner. One piece of steak a normal Westerner would eat on his own would be the ration of meat for the entire Chinese family for a day, being sprinkled into stir fried vegetables and soups. However, that is quickly changing to equal the Western consumption. If you compare, in China, the rate of cancers, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and so on, in the wealthier provinces like Guang Zhou, you'll find that they have far higher rates of these diseases than those poorer areas where meat is eaten once a year in very small quantity on new year's eve only. However, Westerners tend to misunderstand this fact because although the wealthiest people in China (and Hong Kong) can afford to eat as much animal products as they like, they simply do not eat any where as much as the typical Westerner. This is due to the traditional Chinese cooking recipes which places meat as a very small, unimportant portion of the diet.

    I think the speaker in this video still needs to understand the truth about Chinese traditional diet and not simply assume that animal products are harmless. They were were protected by the price of meat in most South East Asian countries before. All meats are harmful and the more animal products you eat (including diaries), the more closer you are to sickness, disfigurement and death at an early age. Most of my parent's friends who migrated to either the US or Australia died within 5 to 10 years from the SAME disease — stroke! With meat and lard being so much cheaper in these Western countries they ate with a vengeance and dropped like flies. Actually the people in Hong Kong (Cantonese) eats more meat and diaries than most of the provinces in China that eats closer to a traditional, vegan-like diet, and the Cantonese Chinese actually gets far more cancer, heart attacks, stroke and diabetes than other Chinese. You do not need to be overweight to get cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks or chronic kidney disease. You just need to eat more meat, eggs and diaries to get these diseases. Still, when compared to Americans, Australians, Canadians and other Western countries, people in Hong Kong are relatively healthier due to the relatively less animal foods in their diet, not about ying and yang stuffs. Sickness was never about excess complex carbohydrates but animal protein and fat (including extracted oil from plant sources) according to countless scientific researches.

    Ancient Chinese proverb says: "Sickness comes from what goes into the mouth and troubles comes from what goes out from the mouth." The best diet is to eat  low fat vegan whole food WITHOUT a lot of high protein nuts and beans but with lots of brown rice (not white) and lots of vegetables and a bit of fruit, and no added vegetable oils. This is the actual traditional Chinese family meal that doesn't exist today as more and more Chinese are adopting the harmful Western diet. As I always say, Western fashions and living luxuries are to be aspired to but never the Western diet, for it will lead to accelerated aging, chronic diseases and early deaths due to the harmful animal proteins and fat that dominates their cooking recipes.


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