Ponzu Sauce Recipe

A simple citrus and soy sauce recipe
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In this video you will learn how to make a traditional ponzu sauce.

— kombu
— 200ml soy sauce
— 200ml lemon juice
— 200ml dashi stock : http://www.makesushi.com/dashi-stock/
— 200ml rice vinegar
— 100ml mirin

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Ponzu Sauce Recipe: 22 комментария

  • 05.05.2015 в 16:59

    Ik bekijk je filmpjes al heel lang, en het ziet er altijd super lekker uit!
    Super sausje en ik ga het zeker een keertje maken. Keep the video's coming!
    Groetjes uit België

  • 05.05.2015 в 18:02

    That's great. Thank you. Do you have ways to use the kombu afterwards or is it not worth it?

  • 06.05.2015 в 03:11

    I have been making your teriyaki sauce religiously since I first saw it. This will make an interesting alternative! I didn't see your dashi stock video yet, but don't you use kombu for that? Can you use the used kombu for this?

  • 07.05.2015 в 16:05

    I have a question, what is the substitution for mirin? If I dont have mirin

  • 23.05.2015 в 07:16

    So what is the maximum amount of time I can keep this in the fridge? I just made a batch of it

  • 26.05.2015 в 20:04

    I've made this and the flavor of the vinegar is so strong, I don't really know if I messed up or if it's supposed to be like that.

  • 11.04.2016 в 12:34

    where da yuzu at, I know it's hard to get but at least mention it 🙁

  • 01.11.2016 в 05:37

    Calamari Fritters with ponzu. I used the wasabi/ soy sauce foam technique but with ponzu! It took a bit to get it right and it was wonderful!!l

  • 30.01.2017 в 20:05

    good looking Ponzu sauce are you are Japanese cooking specialist

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