RAZORWYRE — The Infinite/Desert Inferno (Promo Release)

Brought to you by Inferno Records and Underground Power.

‘ANOTHER DIMENSION’ | out now on CD and Gate-fold Vinyl

— 1st Press (SOLD OUT)
— 2nd Press available from http://underground-power.de and http://razorwyre.bigcartel.com/

CD available from

Razorwyre from NEW ZEALAND — the new Force in traditional 80’s classic Heavy/Speed Metal proudly announce their forthcoming: Debut Album «Another Dimension» — on a limited Edition Pressing of only 300 copies worldwide released in cooperation with Underground Power/Germany — www.underground-power.de

CD Version will be available worldwide in cooperation with Inferno Records — www.inferno-records.net/

This is the real stuff for real Metalheads in the vein of Agent Steel/Holy Terror meets Running Wild/Judas Priest/Iron Maiden !

Great reviews for their 2011 — Demo «Coming Out» in Germany`s Magazines Rock Hard + in HEAVY !

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