Sonoran Desert

in this episode of «Wonders of The West» we head to the Sonoroan Desert to explore the rich diversity of palnts and animals tht call this desert home.
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Sonoran Desert: 5 комментариев

  • 04.11.2008 в 17:54

    I've been to the eastern US, southern US, Midwest and pacific ocean area. I grew up in Phoenix. I love the Sonoran Desert a million times more than any other place I've been in America. Unfortunately I had to move from Phoenix…very unfortunate. Anyway, the sonorandesert will always be my home. If you haven't been there then go check it out. Especially in the spring.

  • 18.06.2011 в 07:21

    i traveled to tucson (on the way to california) a few days ago for a summer trip with my high school band and i've gotta say, the desert really is amazing. first time ever seeing mountains 🙂 and sonoran cactus. maybe its just because i'm from texas, but the extreme heat is oddly tolerable. where i'm from, its so humid and hot everything fogs up (on most smooth surfaces), your skin sticks to itself, and its just nasty. even while sweating, dry desert heat feels so clean!


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