The Gobi Desert — Mongolia


Goviin Magtaal by Egschiglen
(from the album «Gereg»)

Music and lyrics traditional — arranged by Sarangerel Tserevsamba — khöömii by Amra — solo vocals by Saran

Paeans or songs of praise (magtaal) are sung to pay tribute to nature in itself, the spirits of nature or the Lamaistic gods or to praise individual mountains, rivers, animals or heroes. It is mainly camel-driving nomads who live in the Gobi Desert, so this paean is sung to the Gobi in the rhythm of the camel’s footsteps.
«From the blue gleaming steppe you come to visit us in the Gobi. When you visit us in the Gobi, you are cordially invited to our yurt. The doors of our white yurt are always open. With best wishes we invite you: take a seat on the north side of the yurt (place of honour), and the genial Gobi girl will entertain you with freshly brewed tea with camel’s milk. Visit us in the Gobi, the home of countless herds — the fabulous Gobi.»

(from the booklet of the CD)

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