Top 10 Incredibly EASY LANGUAGES to Learn

Everyone but the biggest knuckle-dragging Neanderthal agrees that learning another language is a good thing. Aside from unlocking a whole new way of thinking, it also allows you to appear worldly, sophisticated and (probably) great in the sack. But with only a small percentage of Americans and an even-smaller percentage of British speaking a second language, it seems most of us can never dream of achieving this common goal.

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10. Spanish
9. Portuguese
8. French
7. Italian
6. Swedish
5. Norwegian
4. Esperanto
3. Afrikaans
2. Frisian
1. Dutch

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The Influence of French on the English Language

Top 10 Incredibly EASY LANGUAGES to Learn: 24 комментария

  • 19.10.2017 в 04:00

    I have taken basic lessons in Norwegian and have noticed it is similar to English. It seems like English if it hadn't been conquered by the normans.

  • 19.10.2017 в 21:45

    i have taught most of my international friends to atleast have a small conversation in Swedish!

  • 20.10.2017 в 16:03

    Korean should be in this video, Only 24 words to learn and you could just learn the alphabet and you would be speaking it in 5 minutes.

  • 20.10.2017 в 20:05

    Austrian is very hard. First you have to learn German, then move to Austria (best a mountain village) and stay there for a long time and try not to speak German. It is pretty impossible to learn a German to speak Austrian without completely moving to Austria.

    Austrian has no grammar, we use a easy way of the German one, no writing rules, except writing how you speak, but in an easy way, and so, that everyone is able to read it.

    You speak Kaeöeahdieah. You write Köadia. It means the door if a cellar and is spoken Kay-ah-deer.

    You speak göeih. You write ge. It means isn't it and is spoken gay.

    You speak vaköüiheid. You write vaküd. It means got a cold and it is spoken fa-kyd.

    You speak Läaeijoubm. You write Leoben. It's a city in Styria. You speak leyoum.

    Styria is spoken Staeiahmoahg, written Steiermark and spoken shtay-ah-morg.

  • 20.10.2017 в 21:59

    German is very similar to english but spanisch its very different . I´m a german that lives at spain and I can speak the two languages

  • 21.10.2017 в 00:15

    I'm so glad Afrikaans made it on the list (I can vouch that it's significantly easier than English and German). The rules are much simpler and the pronunciation is super easy. He should ask an Afrikaans guy to pronounce those words next time — the video's pronunciation was hilarious. "Bhua" is actually Boer (meaning farmer), pronounced similar to the word "book" but instead "boor" (and the "r" is NOT silent).


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